Nursery school and Creche

This unit serves the rural communities of Vazhayila, Karakulam, Aaramkallu, Nedumbara etc on the out skirts of Trivandrum. The Welfare Secretary, two teachers and an Ayah are in charge of this school.

The Goat Rearing Project

This continuing project makes sure that a few people in the community are rearing goats! Each person who has received a kid from the Centre will bring back a kid as soon as it is born so that it can be handed over to the next person willing to raise it.

Day Care Centre for Elderly Women

Single women left alone at home meet at the Centre from 10 am to 4 pm once a week. They spend their time in group activities which refresh their body and mind. They are provided lunch and tea and snacks.

Women and Employment Unit

Two local women are employed in this unit. The unit produces home linen, cloth bags of all sizes and shapes for various purposes, under skirts, baby dresses, gift sets for new born babies etc.

Tailoring Classes

A six-month tailoring course for basic cutting and tailoring is conducted here.

Classes for mothers

Classes are held for mothers of children at the Nursery School once a month.

The Green Initiative

The green initiative is extended to homes around the Welfare Centre.

Children’s Library

A library of Children’s books in English and Malayalam has started functioning at the Welfare Centre.