2020- With the spread of the Covid 19 virus, a lockdown was announced on 24thmarch 2020 by the Govt. The YWCA office, two of our hostels, Guest House and all activities of the YWCA came to a stand still. The Working Women’s Hostel was kept open as ten residents could not go home. Two Secretaries and three kitchen staff stayed on with no contact with the outside world for two months. In June 2020 when offices partially reopened, residents started comingback. The Covid protocolsof wearing masks, washing hands with soap and keeping physical distancing were strictly followed.


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Office staff / Hostel staff wearing masks and shield)

Theme for the Quadrennium : 2018 to 2022

Main Theme:Women against Violence

Sub themes:

2018 –2019Prevent (Educate)

2019 –2020Implement (Intervene / Advocate)

2020 –2021Rehabilitate