Management of the Association.

YWCA is a fellowship of members. The responsibility of its management rests with an elected Board of Management. The Board manages the affairs of the Association on the basis of a written Constitution and is accountable to the General Membership. The YWCA of Trivandrum has fifteen elected Board members and two co opted members. The President, two Vice Presidents, the Treasurer, the Recording Secretary and the Chair person of the Finance committee constitute the Executive Committee.

The Board of Management for the year 2018- 2019.

President : Mrs Sunitha Joseph

Vice President :
1) Mrs Jaikumari Rajenesh
2) Mrs Edith Ignatious

Treasurer : Mrs Promilla Christopher

Recording Secretary :  Mrs Reena Itycheria


: Mrs Anna John
: Mrs Geetha George
: Mrs Lizzy Thomas
: Mrs Prabha Joshua
: Prof: Sicily Thompson
: Mrs Valsa George
: Dr. Jessy George
: Mrs Remani Varghese
: Mrs Jolly Job

Co opted Members
: Mrs Annamma Mathew
: Mrs Jaya Sugathan
: Mrs Tinu Ivy Jacobs

General Secretary : Ms Daphne Lean

The Advisory Committee. The Advisory committee consists of four members of prominent standing in the society to advise the Board of Management on various issues. For the year 2018- 2019, the members are
: Mr Thomas Jacob FCA
: Mr K G Chandrsekharan
: Adv.George Philip
: Dr. Jancy James

The Nominating Committee. The Nominating committee is an elected body of seven members responsible for the conduct of the elections each year. The Committee Members for the Year 2017- 2018:
Chairperson : Mrs. Indira Susan Mathews
:Mrs. Annie George
:Mrs. Elizabeth George Cherian
:Mrs. Gracy Enose :Mrs. Omana Thomas Panicker
:Mrs. Santha Issac
The Various Committees under the Board of Management: Finance, Personnel, Membership, Youth, Hostels, Guest House, Senior Women’s Hostel, Welfare, Women and Employment, PASI, Religious, Programme, Publicity, Building, SGMA & Entertainment.

Youth:Magic show for TDNP+ children

Orientation for Board Members

Boards’ Tea & Entertainment Programme

Boards’ Tea & Entertainment Programme

Providing food kits to TDNP + families

PASI: Visit to Assisi Bhavan

PASI: Visit to Assisi Bhavan

Week of Prayer

Week of Prayer